Sherman Oaks, CA

Internal Investigations

We have a great deal of experience in internal investigations for corporations and other organizations having conducted hundreds of investigations as well as having directed federal law enforcement investigators in high profile matters.

Investigations are sensitive by nature. When handled incorrectly, they can cause great harm to an organization and can unnecessarily harm careers.

Internal investigations require thoroughness, integrity, and an understanding of legal and factual issues often implicated. Most importantly, they require judgment. A haphazard rampage through documents and/or witnesses can do more harm than good.

We conduct internal investigations thoughtfully and as just that – investigations. We do not proceed on the presumption that wrongdoing has occurred while still determining the facts and the applicable law.

We uncover facts and report back when that has been requested of us. We are a sound option for companies, boards, and special committees seeking reasoned judgment and straight forward counsel when faced with the misfortune of an internal investigation.